The Modern Owners of a Small Texas Ranch Style Home

It’s often said that everyone should have 1 million square feet. But, in order to be able to maintain that same level of comfort, space and beauty, you need to decide on a property size. It’s usually more comfortable to have smaller homes because of the restrictions. Also, you get to decide on a budget. Let’s take a look at this ranch.

The Modern Owners Of A Small Texas Ranch Style Home

Located in Austin, Texas this ranch have a very beautiful and tranquil design. They had this large sliding glass wall that they designed to allow the owners to admire the outside view. It’s actually a large void and its shape and size allows it to stand out. It’s a way of including all the beauty of nature into this sophisticated home.

When this house was built 40 years ago in 1959 nobody would have imagined that this structure could be one of the 58 ranch style homes. But, today, thanks to technology and technology, this amazing house can be included in the category of “modern”. Everything about it is clean and simple. The house is very attractive and pleasing.

Ranch House Exterior

This ranch style home has been recently remodeled and renovated and now it’s even more beautiful and cozy with this detail. The house has white walls and furniture.

Even though this living room is small-shaped, this room is still very airy and bright. There are several other rooms and functions delimitated into four sections. You can look very beautiful simply by placing a couple of oversized mirrors in each area.

Rustic Ranch House Designed For Family Gatherings In Texas

The furniture is also minimalist and modern. There are no unnecessary pieces of furniture and everything is neatly organized. The house has a tall ceiling which is the main characteristic of the styles. Even though they have been combined since the 1950s, the atmosphere of the rooms is airy, calm and relaxing.

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