The Modern Unique Chair by Jasper Morrison

Sometimes if a piece of furniture has simple and common shapes and designs and if On Earth is only meant to make you sleep like you did at night; then it’s swept away in a magic grace and then you see some amazingly unusual shapes instead of the usual ones you usually see. That is one of the types that are rarely present anywhere around us and this is what makes them unique, and what is more important as design and functionality work together.

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This is Jasper Morrison’s Turn chair, a modern piece of furniture. It is designed to serve as a multipurpose item. It has an optional extension leaf and a fat quarter that can be used as a table, a chair, a stool and even as a side table.

An armchair version of Turn is also available and this time the curves of the backrest are transformed into a nice touch. The Cut chair armchair is very simple and versatile. It has a steel base and a cut-out shape. The leaf offers you the flexibility to shape however you want.

CAP CHAIR – Jasper Morrison

This is not the typical armchair. It’s rather a combination between an armchair and a sofa. It’s the type of chair that would look perfect in a minimalist and modern decors but it would also fit nicely in a classical and even in a more classic and traditional décor.

The reason why I guess this armchair looks the best is because it sits on stilts. Still, this doesn’t stop it from looking very chic and stylish, even when on a pedestal. Pick any one of these chairs and you integrate it into your living area, bedroom or any other space.

Jasper Morrison Chair Designs

If you’re wondering what would be better than a chair like the ones in the pictures, I’m tell you it would be a good looking armchair. A desk chair in a more practical and suitable form. Such a piece of furniture would be very useful for those that need to work while resting. The dimensions of this armchair are H34½/17¼xW17¼xD22?. You can buy it for the special price of $1,299.

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