The most beautiful wooden floors you can find

A wooden floor has the advantage of looking extra cozy and inviting. You never know when guests decide to sink into your comfortable sofa and enjoy the softness and cozyness that they will get after you sink in. You might be tempted to forego that option and you’ll be glad to know that there are actually creative people who have taken the idea to the next level. They have created an entire environment called Eco-Wood Floors, that basically uses wood.

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The beauty of this eco-friendly product is provided by De Doors which actually serves as the ground for the whole product. The floors are harvested when the wood is reclaimed from the process of wood processing. The eco-friendly atmosphere is the key to the whole project. Since wood is extracted from 80% of all the waste, our waste levels are low and we are all just old hardwoods were used for this. The exotic wood is mixed with underground concrete blocks and this gives the floor the impressive texture and vibrant look that would have been expected if the floors were not made of unadorned wood.

Another unique feature of this product is that it eliminates the use of painters tape and it also offers all customers their very own project associated with an eco-friendly lifestyle. Believe it or not, the product was designed to be practical and the customers have the power to choose whether they like the wood, plastic, metal or stone products as well as the type of wood they work with. Offering a wide range of products which illustrate just how much you can use to improve your quality of life and their ability to increase quality and your comfort level, this eco-friendly product is something that you might already have in your homes.{found on luxspaces}.

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