The New Amsterdam Hotel – A Farthingal like NoHo

One of the most interesting and memorable experiences around the world is the Amsterdam Hotel & the other one we’re going to take a look at. It’s the first Hotel in Amsterdam and it was re-designed and redesigned after the spectacular Dutch Union project that basically touched the planet.

New Amsterdam Harlem Hotel Interior Design

When it was first completed, the SoHo Café really captured the whole concept behind this sojiro hotel. The restaurant is a combination of neoclassical architecture and modern design. The overall design is minimalist and it features a sleek structure in terms of both details and influences. The hotel also has tall vaulted ceilings sitting in the main lobby with wooden beams that support them.

Other prominent elements in the restaurant are the sojigner candelabras, candle chandeliers and the table lamps. Everyone in the restaurant knows this material has been a source of inspiration for lots of other creations and they still do so even today. The roosting parquet makes the restaurant stand out with its exquisite look and the beautiful color. Other characteristics that also need to be mentioned include warm and elegant tones of wood, earthy colors and natural materials.

New Amsterdam Harlem Hotel Interior

New Amsterdam Harlem Hotel Room Design

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