New marble kitchen design by Massimo Castagna is the new marble bathroom “mainly” in fashion. The main material palette includes long traditional tread-less designs and also lighter shapes and colors, like large tiles or white squares. Also, the large, ever changing collection of marble accessories and furniture is showing up everywhere. The new marble bathroom collection is not new but it has become a favorite for many people. For example, the last bathroom we’ve ever seen was the freestanding soaking bath that was filled with marble stone in rectangular proportions. It looks more like a piece of art and even though no longer something that by modern standards, the pieces have managed to transition from a traditional style bathroom to a new millennium. Here are some amazing bathroom decorating ideas.

If a bathroom doesn’t have the space for a separate wash basin that is functional as well as decorative, there are lots of ways to avoid that. For example, some of the parts of the bathroom are always used as a dressing area, the living room or the bathroom. Corian is a good choice because it’s very durable and resistant but it’s also very resilient and it doesn’t swallow stains. It can be re-purposed into pieces that have been filled with water. Moreover, Corian can be reused in other recycling projects. In case you need more information or searching, you can find out more about the products found on theconcretecottage.

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