New Amsterdam Harlem Hotel, Haarlem – Updated 2021 Prices

O’clock for New Amsterdam should be crass and crass, but in this case it has got a bit of a twist.The Regency-inspired city building is now re-created to be its very own unique boutique hotel, but getting back to the origins doesn’t mean that’s easy to do. With it’s own facilities and amenities, the hotel already has a great reputation for luxurious comfort. Still, it’s slowly making a little comeback. New Amsterdam Hotel started with a concept first in the 1970s for the city’s former sugar refinery. Then it evolved into a luxury fully operate hotel stretching over 56 acres overlooking the city’s new High Line.

Hotel Amsterdam occupies approximately 15,000 square feet of space and is known by its many traditional Vaucluse connection gardens. The hotel has 5 restaurants, cafes and bars that give a taste to the Mediterranean about the city. Moreover, the sunset and other beautiful spots of the city are also worth showing off. The interior of the rooms and suites is contemporary and original, with a real touch of the city in there. The Tel Aviv and the parts of the city are both charming and have a lot of history, so this is necessarily a mark of a unique cultural landscape, and if you want to stay here, nothing you can do you can!

The New Amsterdam Hotel has opened its doors on April the 4th 2011.Its colorful style adds life to the entire hotel and every room is an example of some new vision; a special vision on what happens inside the city.Available from 220 euros per night.

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