New Amsterdam Harlem Hotel Interior Design

Since its long and rich history, the city of New York has brought to our region the great hotels of Hollywood. Its hotels are the particularly famous ones, as Broadway. However, they usually seek to emulate and maintain an impressive and luxurious look to the place.

It is not the case of Gilles-sur-art, the designer who was in charge of revamping this elegant hotel. However, nothing is better than designing the interiors the way the designer intended.The hotel unquestionably has a very luxurious and elegant look, even though probably the features related to it are simple. For example, it definitely features wooden finishes, glass panel doors, a transparent glass shower.

Though the wood panels or ‘door’ always look unfinished, in the case of the reception desk you can see splashes of glass shining through the panels. Not that there’s anything permanent about this reception desk, but it definitely looks sparkling and luxurious. Not one piece of decoration is even needed here, because the reception desk features a wonderful suspended cable railing. The niches are left open, because the theme chosen for this room is light and airy. It’s always good to have an open mind and this allows you to decorate his reception area so as to make it feel as relaxing and as inviting as possible.

As for the reception area we can see that the wood panels have a very noble finish, so the furniture is very subtle and tasteful, although not a sophisticated idea. The meeting room is quite simple but very comfortable. The furniture is minimalist and there are very few pieces and accessories, not to mention that perhaps the decorations are really interesting and beautiful, adding a little sophistication to the place.

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