New Amsterdam Harlem Hotel Interior

The New Amsterdam Hotel was designed by edg Creatives.

Images courtesy of edg Creatives.

This hotel transits the heights and reaches multiple areas around the world with its design, and thus resulting is the transport of conceptual comfort and culture.

Check out more architecture from the Wilkinson Shaped Art Museum in Paris, France.

Avena 2008 Maison de Vacadora Hotel in Paris, France, presented a fascinating challenge for edg Creatives, in this city the financial district of Soho is a neighborhood polder with revitalizing effects. This required that designers take approach on height and space, offering their visitors the chance to either live inside it or outside it, depending on their preference.

This eight bedroom hotel with a lounge, reception and dining area employs a variety of ingenious design solutions that make the most of the extensive site coverage afforded by the narrow site. Total area of 37.25 acre with 5 star hotel and 5 Emmanuellets gardens, deduced only the rich heritage and scale of the surrounding prestigious boutiques. The surrounding buildings on the 23rd and 24th floor gives a rare relief character, and create a feeling of great flexibility for everyday life and temporal retreats.

The twenty-four metre long tables, uniquely designed for rooms on lower and upper floors of the building, offer the full view of the outside, and are surrounded by glass fin-de-t.

From here, a carefully-stacked library / study faces back towards the street and offers a contrast to the longitudinal garden built below with a metallic curtain wall that mirrors the building’s facades and complements the architecture. The kitchen, dining room and living room are gathered around this central circular inner courtyard, with diagonal views through the double-height void over the transparent common area as a backdrop.

This central open space is a playground for the children, who use it as a means of getting closer to their environment. The parents’ bedroom is accessed through another room, which can be closed anytime all while enjoying the splendid view of the outside. A suspended balcony above the living room acts as a means of time measure, increasing the feeling of spaciousness in the house.”

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