New Amsterdam Harlem Hotel Stairs

An elegant New Amsterdam Hotel, set in central London’s Soho district, is one of the most interesting and picturesque hotels in the world. You can say that because most of us who spend our vacations in New Amsterdam never even have time to go home so indulge yourself and at the same time you will never want to leave your suite.

The hotel has 20 rooms and a great atmosphere in the area, from the colorful landscapes to the stunning views over the canal. The minimalist palette of colors and materials gives it a modern look while the art pieces and the mix of furniture and designed fabrics create a unique look. The hotel is perfect for all kinds of events: private suites for the parents, for the children, guest rooms, rooms for the faculty, and all the forms to meet the university’s standards and the students’ requirements. Among the 27 suites that actually belong, we can also find ten rooms with the same but different designs. See for yourself.

This is a pretentious environment waiting for the students to warm up and get comfortable in it.

All in all, wonderful views over the canal, the beautiful gardens, and the nearby canal. Can’t wait to visit Amsterdam if you’re interested.

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