The New Chevron House in South Korea

The new curved TV facade created by KNQ Associates to the north of Seoul, Korea. As you can see, the shape is peculiar and eye-catching. It creates a special effect by drawing attention to the TV and by providing ventilation, which previously would have been impossible to get ventilation. The kitchen area seems to be the center of the design, like a room that is hidden by the curved walls that create a damper and a feedback.

Chevron House Office Space For Rent

The building has an unusual folded form from one end to the other. On the other side of the dining room curve is the bedroom. The bedroom is built into the curved surfaces with the help of ventilation filters. The kitchen can look like a ship on the bridge, even though it is very dry. The building stands out on two levels only, because of its dryness compared to the other houses in the vicinity that are on the road and because of the natural irregularities of the shape of the building. Nevertheless, the building is a very interesting and unusual house.

New Chevron House In South Korea

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