The New Design Of Hello Kitty House And Interior

Kids are very special and nobody can blame them for that. They’re even more annoying than their parents. But with a little bit of talent and inspiration they can learn a lot from the cartoon character. Hello Kitty is a funny character that everybody would love to have in their home. Of course, it all depends on the age of the child and the dimensions of that space.

Everyone Will Love This Cute Hello Kitty Themed Bedroom And Accessories  Ideas

For the parents, Kino seems like the lovely little robot companion.

He’s a Grade-schooler that was very friendly and was designed using versatility and tactility. Kino’s main purpose is to avoid interaction with the other. He also has another important update: in addition to this it also has several other functions that make it even more helpful and efficient.

Everything in the room reveals a Hello Kitty pattern. This is how the room looks like. There are also several other funny details such as the cartoon character portraits and everything else that makes this room even funnier. The whole room has an overall playful and creative design. The furniture is very simple and the overall image is that of a playful environment where the children can have fun but also squeeze into the activities that they do.{found on archdaily}.

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