The New Drop Light by Giuseppe Vigano

If you thought the old drops were fascinating and mesmerizing, you had your first chance. Here’s a great lighting innovation for your house. The Drop Light is a unique and clever gadget that transforms a drop light into a steady, high-style illumination source. It’s actually more than just a simple light source that burns off in a motion, as it has an integrated ambiance that continuously brings the flame into your home. The flickering smoke and glittering lights are definitely eye-catching but this is definitely not synonym with a useful, minimalist light source. It’s called Light Wolf.

The New Drop Light

This phenomena allows you to use it both in indoor and in outdoor settings, to illuminate the coffee table, floor, TV, desk, shelves and much more. The illuminating effect is achieved by an unusual object that has been reduced to its smallest form. It’s called the Drop Light and it’s actually the light equivalent of a “ drop “. The lamp can be purchased for $22.10 and it can make any room look and feel cozy, regardless of the occasion.

It’s been printed with a black and white image and has a dimming function. It’s a very artistic item and it doesn’t require any high-lighting functional decoration. It’s also a very interesting option for those who are seeking something subtle, mesmerizing and eye-catching.

Poltrona Baixa De Tecido DROP

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