The New Drop Light Table

I ran into this piece of furniture when I came across it on my local European blog post and instantly fell in love. The Drop-Light Table is an adaptation of an iconic piece of furniture by Eva Bruhelmann which happens to be a glass lamp. It got a standard makeover and now it looks amazingly well as family and at the same time, it completes an ordinary lamp. The Drop-Light Table is made of treated thermoplastic polycarbonate. It weights 95 kg and can be easily moved and taken out of the room when the weather starts to weather.Also can be used in balconies or in terraces.The best thing about this table is workout.

Drop Light Ikea

The terrace has 6 red-clay painted glass floors and a long wooden edge. The furniture is made of FSC beige/yellow polyethylene. The material has UV protection, so the floor is protected from UV light in order to avoid deteriorating it like all wood. Also the material’s name stands for “drop light table.”

The dining table is made of solid warm wood. The extendable chairs are made of rayon, and have a light/dark birch wood.

A glass floor lamp is a wonderful piece. It has a rotary light inside and it\s operated by a gas piston that makes the lit globes turn on and off at night. E switches are housed beneath the wooden floor and can be dimmed for the mood. This is a great piece for outdoor use. It is perfect if you have vast amounts of light and need to concentrate it on at night.

Foscarini Lighting – The Best Of Italian Lights

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