BRIX DROP LIGHT – Lumina Concepts

If you are interested in having light in a room to create a pleasant ambiance, then you have to install in a luminary pot light. That is because it uses some energy efficient energy making it more attractive and more functional. Designed by Divani – Andrea Neveo, the B prix mirror offers playful and efficient lighting. Be the detail that makes the mirror special, because besides placing the light on the bottom of the mirror, it will also create a nice glow around it.

The mirror can be mounted on the wall or on a table or coffee table, wherever you may choose to place it. Its dimensions are –40?diam. x 47?h. The mirror is customizable so you can feel used to such a light.

It is simple in design, but it has a great advantage -the fact that it can be used with an incandescent light bulb. This way, you can adjust the light to make a specific glow around your light bulb. This way, you will know the intensity of the light and the sunlight will be able to track it too, making it happy and ready for the day. The item is sturdy, reliable and it doesn’t break your back!

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