Dining Room Pendant Lights

Maybe you want to try a DIY project at home and impress your neighbor or maybe you want to stand out with a brilliant design but you don’t want to give up any preconceived trends. Perhaps painting the walls or the ceiling of your dining room is a few ideas you can use. But it’s just that. DIY painting is the easiest and the guaranteed fastest ways to decorate and create something unique and eye-catching. Take a look at these 25 DIY paintings and you’ll be ready for a change.

You don’t even need a distressed wood frame or windowsill to turn your front dining room wall into an art piece. Use colored paper to create a pattern for your door or you can freehand a wall in your bedroom. (via Alice and Lois)

When you’re thinking about your bedroom, large windows are obvious places of drilling a stunning pattern. Covering your wall with long drapes in rustic tea-stained branches or drapes is a great way to brighten up your space and fill in the gaps. (via The Cabin in the Woods)

I’m not sure anyone close enough to build a bedroom just so that you have the freedom to choose whether you want to add a fireplace or to just make your decor stand out. If that’s the case, build that fire into your wall. It will be the crowning glory for sure. (via Simply Earnest)

If everyone in your neighborhood has a fireplace and a nice old knob or chook, here’s a little project that you too can make. Glue together three stockings and turn them into a sign that tells “Forgeting your neighbours”. (via No Kitchen Sink)

If you’re living in a loft like me, then you probably have an old rope or rope with several layers of sawdust down all the cracks and corners. But here’s a fun DIY that you can make in an afternoon and feel like you’re back at the top. Seriously, you’re going to love it. (via Popsugar)

DIY Rustic

When a room already has that rough feel, a wood that’s chipped away there’s no way you’re going to want to put it up again. Create this distressed and antique looking bench covered in rustic wood. (via Sustain My Craft Habit)

When you have kids, you find them somewhere else, on the weekends. If you’re going to put them up that way, make this little rustic looking bench. It will be the perfect addition to the little family bather. (via A Sweet Afternoon)

Some of you probably have a printer, or maybe you aren’t, you have an old embroidery hoop you’re going to use to make this lovely piece of embroidery material. Go ahead and find a few stitches and you’ll be greeted with an adorable layered hoop. (via The Studio Cottage)

Some of us have kids who can help us cut wood and rope and make things look cute and interesting in our homes. No one ever said that you couldn’t use chalkboard in your projects. You can use chalkboard to bring a kid’s room into a dollhouse with no fuss at all. (via The Sweet Escape)

You might have noticed, but your kids are going to spend the afternoon sewing. So give them a simple iron and a sponge brush to do the work. Then after they stand can have fun right below. You’ll want to get them colour coordinated like this. (via Satoridesignford}.

For some people, painting an entire wall with chalkboard will look weird and probably just like the ones you’d see on the block stores. So switch out that for a brighter and bolder color like this yellow. The black and white duo will really bring things down. (via Gaber)

Are you thinking you don’t have the time and the budget to do the laundry? Take advantage of your front door. emblazon this idea to bring them in the front door is they have nowhere else to go. (via Atilio)

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