Foscarini Lighting – The Best Of Italian Lights

The five elements lighting design is one of the most used when creating lighting systems. They are characterized by their beauty, by their shape and by the variety of colors that they can feature. You can choose from the five colors: white, yellow, blue, green or yellow. If you are not sure of the color you can use the one against them? Well, we know for a fact that you can combine red with a little light of blue or yellow, the same thing happens in this case. But we must remember that the result is flashy, extravagant and with a little glitz in the details.

The five elements are combined in a different way and you can see a very beautiful lighting system that may send you to the idea of complexity or love for airplanes. Regardless of the details, this is an elegant, classic and fun lighting system that will make your room a wonderful place to spend your summer evenings. You will be able to enjoy your home for a whole day.

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