Liquid Light Drop 2 Xs 5 Cluster Pendant Light

These liquid lamps and pendants are amazing by design. They are not very elaborate but they are impressive in concept and art. This collection was created by Belgium design company Artemide. The idea was to create a series of cluster lamps which are more than available. One of them is actually a chandelier that has silk flowers hanging from it. The collection is in fact available in a blue or transparent color.

The concept for this series was inspired by a vintage series of glass and ceramic dishes that have been in high traffic since the 20th century. The feeling you get when blown glass gives you this opulent feeling. The light reveals intriguing shapes and sizes while the designers let their vintage charm run through. The light falls on beautifully designed blocks and petals and the patterns differ every time.

The patterns repeat in different forms and the colors vary. There’s a fine contrast between the light blue and the white flowers and all the colors used. This is a type of design that can be easily transformed into a contemporary piece that would look great in a contemporary home.

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