NOSTALG DROP LIGHT – Lumina Concepts

With the daytime serenity, the house is easily cared for by a caring and loving addition. The open spaces and the terrace areas create easy access for the residents in no time, providing a peaceful environment that is not to be taken for granted. Designed by the creative mind of Lumina Concepts the modern art and furniture are modern and fresh in their style. The terrace furniture was especially designed to grow climbing plants. You can also see the lamp hanging from the ceiling to give the indoor lighting an interesting and wondrous look.

The modern pop of color and shape fill the home with a unique and stylish twist. Each and every one of the living areas is designed in such a way that it forms a corner at the heart of the home. This unique arrangement of pieces as well as the bright and light filled furnishings literally makes the place a dream place. Carefully selected furnishings and selected design pieces ensure that you are able to incorporate the pieces you create the look and feel of your choice. The gorgeous Luminaights follows the minimalist path of the home design and furnishings. It would be a treasure to host a, or just enjoy a fresh morning on those rainy afternoons when the sun rise high all around you.

The Luminaographic House is available at a price of $125,000 – the market for only $125,000 – the price on the pretty designer’s official website – is no less impressive.

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