The New Google Floorplan Design With Mountain-Top Transparency

Google has a lot of planning going on inside their offices and in the areas of their headquarters. The planning for this giant company has already been well-rownled and predictable by the start thanks to the huge Google fan Group. Sitting here on the ground floor of a building in committed luxury surrounded by skyscrapers and while staying within close proximity to the excitement of London, you could almost call it the Google EU Headquarters. In fact, the company’s floorplan is pretty much the same as the Níal offices in Paris and Stockholm: a super cozy, well-defined space that is organized around the 10,000 square foot high Google EU Office. But it is not just the workstations that are a little bit different. The design was definitely designed to offer the employees that worked at the new location a contrast that is a little bit unexpected and a little bit dramatic.

Roof Completes On Heatherwick And BIG’s Google HQ

But it is not all subtle and charming. There is also a degree of fun inside this new office space. A view of the Níal mountain is inviting, but not overstuffed. Some of the original features like the cement lamps in the meeting room, the break tiles in the meeting room and the cork floors in the pantry are still a part of the office’s design and there’s definitely a little bit of European vibe into the space overall. There are also some modern touches like the built-in beds in the bedroom that have a little bit of Scandinavian charm thrown in.

The Níal office is designed keeping in mind working practices during the academic first steps and the new Google campus. The first step was to identify all the employees and to target find their patterns of concentration. The company’s senior management was asked to review some of Google’s patterns for retention as well as points of interest with the clients, in order to shorten this intimidating and time consuming process. The initial intention was to have the staff feel comfortable and under-decored but not control.

The New Google Floor Plan Design

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