Google Reveals Latest Designs By BIG And Heatherwick For New California HQ

If you thought you’d be surprised to learn what new trends are out there last season, think again. Amidst the new Google offices in China and the new Google California headquarters infull, we would like to present you some more fresh and inspiring ideas.

Let’s start with pure design. The biggest challenge for a company like Google was to create a modern and sophisticated workplace and the designers had to take into consideration some of the historical elements. Notice the use of white walls in the offices as well as the fact that Google staff are always encouraged to be relaxed by being clean and organized.

In essence, the headquarters is an attempt to think of old as new and to create new spaces using the existing style. The use of simple colors throughout and the linear floor plan raise the standards of the company to new heights and the dynamic nature of the work environment.

I would have to say that I absolutely love the employees, the warm and welcoming work environment and the green lobby. The offices are also modern and bright. There aren’t a lot of colors in there but it’s nice to see that some of the features are quite clever. For example, you can find some clever solars in the stair risers.

The headquarters has a luxurious interior but the nice contrasts of colors, lighting and materials is also present. It’s a great place to work. Every little details is in a piece of art and it’s like entering a sculpture in the form of art in this case.{found on wall-street}.

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