The New Google Floor Plan Design

One of the most important areas of the Google offices where they tried to encourage their employees to work rather than to impress their guests was in the case of the San Francisco offices of the firm’s San Francisco offices. It was a challenge for the design team because, most important, they wanted each of the two department spaces to offer their employees a fun and playful design while at the same time encouraging them to have a productive work day.

This was done by creating a modern layout from a chromatic combination, more specifically a theme inspired by nature. But besides that, the Google offices also offer a series of other benefits. For example, nature-inspired interiors are always carefully selected and decorated.

There’s a wonderful harmony throughout the office and it shows through certain elements. The linear floor plan is illuminated by LED strips and there’s a series of high and low level areas which feature a display platform for the creation of interesting wall designs and custom book covers. In addition, there are also many skylights and glass walls that allow natural light to also flood the interior.

As you can see, the offices are designed to be comfortable and fun but in a subtle way. There’s a cozy and inviting lounge area with a low table and comfortable chairs and a mixture of colors, textures and patterns which suit each individual area.

There’s also a contrasting combination of styles here. The workstations and work surfaces are made from different materials while the furniture is simple and deliberately textured in order to highlight the accent details in a harmonious way.

Although it’s a long and narrow space, there’s a sense here of spaciousness and openness which characterizes the entire workspace. The designers used their artistic reserve to give each zone individuality not just by introducing variations of the same floor tile.

The office’s focal point is a set of tall and imposing double offices which seem to be linked together through their finishes. There are certain cases when the need to add a new workstation or additional features has become too much or the workstation became too daunting. As a result, the architects turned to the windows for some of the workstations.

A raised platform was designed to allow natural light to enter the various workstations and to also achieve a feeling of openness and spaciousness overall. Both offices share similar interior designs. This allows them to look and feel as if they’re a single giant space rather than the continuous creation of a separate structure.

The windows are, as you can see, functional as well. The 20 square meter mosaic box office has two corridors, one being the children’s bedroom and the other one is the office of the company’s head chef. The area is connected to the ground floor social area and to the living space.

A staircase was designed to visually link the two floors of the office. A box placed within the center of the ceiling is supported by a series of beams made of black bricks. The overall casual décor of the office is a combination of modern and rustic elements and the lines and the overall chromatic palette employed in the décor are naturally balanced.

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