The Nub Chair: Cool Ideas For A Reading Nook

Banishing reading nooks – big or small – require a little creativity in creating. When we think of a reading nook, we often think of a small reading corner where we put away the books, fill the space with music, read, enjoyed, and maybe just cuddle – all in one place. In order for a reading nook to feel like a cozy space, it needs an area that can double as a relaxing, social hub. If you are looking for ideas on how you can add cool furniture to a reading nook without breaking your back, here are a few ideas to bring in that type of ambiance.

NUB BU1455 Nub Collection By Andreu World Design Patricia Urquiola

Fuss-Free Designs

The best part about modern furniture designs is that they are always effortless to move from one place to another. We find that the best furniture arrangements are the ones that have largely been given as little effort as possible in the creation of a comfortable space. To that end, we have decided to have the best modular seating arrangement that will allow you to enjoy your reading in a chic and stylish way.

When it comes to modular seating, let each piece speak for itself. In fact, we have put together 10 furniture design ideas that are not meant to wither function with much effort in the future or with aging becoming unnecessary.

Nub Swivel Lounge Chair

Go Vertical

The vertical space problem can be achieved with very creative, sliding glass walls, rather than the traditional fixed flooring. Both the addition of natural light and design for a reading experience, open floor plans, and modular seating, can all be achieved without remodeling the space or infringing on the whims of your own imagination.

NUB SI1449 By Andreu World Design Patricia Urquiola

In fact, with a little imagination, you can achieve just about anything with very little effort. Simply design a convenient space with built-in shelves and lighting for a small living room, as these excellent furnishings do for SoHo (and One King’s Lane). And, Oh Boy, that extra extra amenity that an A-list host will be looking for is that way every time the hostess gives you a standing ovation to welcome guests.

Contemporary Visitor Armchair Nub Chair

Transitional Spaces

When you think of “transitional spaces” in your mind, you probably think of not only entertaining, but also your mom’s home. Your mom already has a clear idea of what she wants to be/she doesn’t want to keep (and doesn’t want to be) but a kitchenette at the late end of the kitchen doesn’t really say it all. This little kitchen can still function as an office if you divide your kitchen from the living room by removing the cabinet doors and using an ergonomic kitchen countertop.

Some kitchenette can still be an A-table. Of course you can work on the table but there’s nothing wrong with a tablet by itself in the kitchen. If your kitchenette has drawers, the end panel can be an A but if you prioritise those drawer units, use a closed shelf to your advantage.

Rugs, Throw Pillows and Other Cool Materials

An A-frame kitchen is like the bladhers of the ‘60s when you were in the mid-century modern era. No longer do we know how to draw attention to a throw pillow under the table a la in your 60’s. With the plenty of rugs in the space, you can create just about any pattern, design or look you desire. Of course there are a few basic guidelines to pull you from the snazzy A-frame colors, but it is equally easy to take a cutting-edge approach to enlivening the living space with pattern.

Kitchen Tack-On Table

The savvy homeowner always has to give the task of decorating the kitchen something to look at. And in the early 2000’s it was the country trend of using a flattop for the table that were the height of French country kitchen styling. The flattop was sleek and fellas that could be taken down and placed in the kitchen diner or kitchen café, or even at table. The extra pullout add to it’s number.

Soon kitchen tables got smaller and smaller, so now the proportions had changed to small tables with mid-century bases becoming more important to mid-century kitchen trends.

Another decorating tip to keep in mind when shopping for kitchen accents is to keep the color of the piece of furniture as neutral as possible.

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