The Nuevo Estilo Resort and Spa in Mexico

Nuevo Estilo is a collection of exquisite private residences and resort villas all over Mexico. The term “Mexico” is probably quite obscure but it is understandable why this collection has such positive effects on the overall design of a resort. The Villas Andes is located in Jalisco and it opened in 2009. It’s an impressive 300 years old tradition as it features stone and the stones that were used to create the walls and the most important feature is the patio impossible not to step through.

Nuevo Departamento Estilo Resort Para 4 Huespedes, Cancún, Mexico

The villas feature designs that follow a contemporary style. They are based on simplicity and elegance. Each has a complete interior and a very cozy and inviting interior. The stone walls mix modern and rustic beauty with the futurism of the resort. And the way nature is incorporated in the design is very charming. The theme that you see for the stone walls is the one that defines the whole Casa Cádinas. This is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Riviera and it also features 2 bungalows on the top floor, beautifully decorated with colorful and beautiful artwork.

Nuevo Departamento Estilo Resort

The bedrooms have a country theme, very simple and serene. The villas can offer relaxing vacation homes, a perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones. The villas are one of the friendliest places to vacation, no matter if you’re there with your family or with your friends. As you can see, a real adventure begins when you decide to visit this place. Just look at these humble beginnings!

Nuevo Departamento Estilo Resort Interior

Cozy Nuevo Departamento Estilo Resort

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