The Perfect Holiday Wreath Made from Scrap Wood: DIY Holiday Gift Ornaments

It’s that time of the year again! Does someone year-round that on a regular basis? I mean, nothing seems easterly ever more depressing, sad, and/or busyful. That’s right–today we have a holiday-themed wreath made from scrap wood. The wood lends a very rich and beautiful aesthetic, letting the finished project turn into an artistic piece! Read on for the DIY details, and don’t forget–a personal and unique wreath would add personality and depth to your door.

The Perfect Holiday Wreath Made From Scrap Wood: DIY Holiday Gift Ornaments

Materials you’ll need for the Holiday Wreath:

How to make the Holiday Wreath:

Step 1: You will need to create a Classic Wreath. For this easter wreath, simply take the straw wreath project and cut thin small pieces to use as straws. Clip the stems completely off before you start assembling the wreath. Use your thumb to bend the straw wreath down and cut at an angle or leave as a. Once the project is completed, tie a knot and hang the wreath on a pillar with flowers or on your Christmas tree. Stage the wreath with your tinsel garland. Set it in your festivity store or craft something unique and festive like popsicle sticks. When it’s over, just enjoy your winter holiday surrounded by your friends. Happy Holidays!

The Perfect Holiday Wreath Made From Scrap Wood

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