The Pros and Cons of Living in a Mid-Century Modern Home

Mid-century modern decorating has been going strong for some time now. The main living rooms are highly customizable, meaning that you can achieve a complete aesthetic with your living space while maintaining a neutral palette that is still attractive. Along these same lines, modern living rooms fall somewhere between Mid-century and modern due to its versatility. The style has expanded from people’s natural choices that have become more comfortable in the style, such as the mid-century modernfa.

Mid Century Modern Style Home In Silicon Valley

In general, the mid-century modern style is best described as a hybrid piece arrangement. The best furniture in a mid-century modern living room is either custom or lifted-from-the-air. Log furniture has had a long life and is inherently more beautiful than on a show shelf that was designed with style in mind. However, we wanted to showcase and show you some of the best mid-century modern furniture out there and what makes it so special. Here are 45 of the best mid-century modern furniture you can buy right now to get that chic finishing touch.

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1.Vintage Home Office.

The 1930’s vintage home office is a perfect example of how to create the perfect mid-century modern living space. This peacock-dressed office takes the feeling of vintage fashion and the vintage feeling to a whole new level. Without a doubt, vintage is the best.

2.Fashionable Seating.

Bespoke seating is the ideal way to create a warm and welcoming vibe in any living room. The unique glass pieces in this seating area are the perfect way to get the peacock’s peaceful, neutral tone while still keeping other pops of ox blood in the room to a bare minimum.

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3. Charming Light Fixtures.

Just because you’re adding wooden pieces to a living room doesn’t mean you can’t add lighting to any room. Chandeliers and tables sitting on candelabras are always welcome, especially in modern and contemporary spaces. Pick a chandelier that’s more than double its size if the space allows it.

4. Cozy Rugs.

A softer, cozy look for your living room will keep the living room looking super clean and modern. But if you’re going for a more masculine and busy look, then opt for some simple and clean rugs. They’re not only stylish, but comfy and will only help keep the space looking cozier.

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5. Hide away entertainment.

If you’re lucky enough to own a home that has a perfect entertainment scene and lush vegetation, then use a TV set as the way to slip into hiding away. Build a wall of stacked baskets, store all the books in a spacious bed, use a plush floor to table and get that media center off the floor.

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