The Stunning Luxury Oceanfront Residence For Sale

This spectacular estate is located on Newport Boulevard, one of the earliest surviving homes built during the Dutch settlers’ era of sea trials in the Western Indies. It was the first home anyone saw when they arrived to the island and there’s a story that inspired Luigi Pizzarelli.

Exclusive Beachfront Luxury Apartments For Sale In Estepona

The residence sits on a 2 acre property, adjacent to the beach. The property includes only the most solid of historical buildings and they’re located on Newport Street. The property also includes an outbuilding that has been converted into condo rooms, a garage and a lakefront property.

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The original building dated back to the 1700s and it took its name and essence from its site and the views, the orientation and the proximity to the public beach and the sea. The house still serves as a residence but it has become a luxury resort.

Luxury Beachfront Apartment With Italian Furniture, United Arab Emirates  For Sale

The oceanfront condo is currently listed at $2,450,000 while the residences occupy the property at a rate of $2,500. The property was originally built in 1931 and recently revisited many of the heritage pieces and details that were originally designed and built by the owners. The kitchen, dining and living rooms are all equally beautiful, just looking at how perfectly they tie in with the open space below.

The Stunning Luxury Oceanfront Residence For Sale

The property includes a gym, Jacuzzi, recreation area, a wine cellar, pool, spa, powder room and laundry. There’s also a media room, a media room and a media room/shower from the original owner that was designed by the same owner. There’s also a beauty shop on each level of the house.

The Stunning Luxury Oceanfront Residence

The property includes a half mile south to the north of Malibu within Malibu Park and it’s currently still occupied by the Le Bain Sofa and the Gran Club Malibu Beach.

Exclusive Beachfront Luxury Apartments For Sale In Estepona

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