Tiny apartment with ingenious storage solutions

In small cities like London there’s never enough space for everything you want to have. In that case, you should find a way to solve that problem by using ingenious storage solutions. This small apartment from East London shows us how. It can’t be helped thanks to its very simple and functional design. The apartment has been designed in a way that takes advantage of its location and cleverly hidden storage solutions.

50 Tiny Apartment Storage And Shelving Ideas That Work For Everyone!

But this doesn’t mean that the apartment lacks organization. It also uses clever features and solutions like that. For example, the vertical workbench is a very useful piece. It’s hidden behind a pull-out counter top so you don’t have to keep all your tools and supplies in plain sight. The multitude of storage solutions and shelves cleverly hide all sorts of compartments and items. The multitude of vertical compartments allow you to store all sorts of things including tools. We can learn a thing or two from this apartment. We can just use this piece as a starting point.

As you advance you get to see how ingenious these apartments are. They use their clever storage spaces and the spaces they’re filled with containers that fit perfectly over the doors. The living room is the central room of the apartment. It’s a social space with variable heights and it’s filled with both storing and display items. The kitchen and dining area form the volume around it. Each zone has a different function and a distinct height and color palette.

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