15 Small-Space Tricks We’re Stealing From Real Tiny Apartments

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it lacks charm and character. In fact, usually these little details are the best reasons to decorate it with style. It’s why we’ll add our own touch to your home using DIY accents. Curious to see what the future will bring? Take a look at these quick tips. These will help to secure your sanity and let you rest easier.

Let’s be honest – you’ll be working in a tiny space once you’ve lived in a small space. What’s a reason to work in one?

When you have a creative mind like me, it’s easier to mix things up when you come up with new storage ideas or to add some items that fits your description and don’t fail to fit into the general style of the space. For example, if your room is modern and chic, I’d love to move this design to the kitchen to avoid feeling suffocated with clutter as well.

Strategically placed hooks are a must-have in any apartment. Sofas, chairs, sofas…the list goes on and on. But as soon as you bring one up for your storage system, you’ll have to be more careful regarding where you keep everything. I’d recommend placing one end at the foot of the bed, close to the window.

When it comes to layout, there are two options. You can use the bathroom walls as a guide, leaving the bedroom and the kitchen open, or, you can opt for shelving only, like what’s in this kitchen for example. I wouldn’t recommend using curtains or draperies if you have small children, as they can spill or get in the way if they’re accident prone. But if you’re doing DIY kind of thing, perhaps you’d like to try hanging a stocking hanger here. It doesn’t really look like anything and it looks a little bit like clothes hanging from the ceiling.

Is it a pouf ottoman or a bedspread? This, of course, is an entirely upholstered piece, the latter being made from a recycled stretchy polypropylene. It looks great and it saves you some cost along the way. My personal favorite part about this stretchy pouf is that it can barely hold your head but you’d still have all your favorite pieces of clothes laid out here without having to drag them out to clean them.

Or you can put a round something like this around your home. It’s round and it’s been made from a plain polyester stocking. It will make your home look like a hotel with the best location for you if you ever decide to put it in your bedroom.

Here’s another great idea: if you like round or spherical furniture and you want to share it with like we’ve seen before, you should check out this cool ottoman sold on Amazon. It’s actually made from a really cool white fabric and it’s small and compact so it shouldn’t take much space. To turn it into a bed try two colors, a white and a white and then figure out how to combine them.

This chic little ottoman has a geometric design with a hint of yellow around it. It’s small and comfortable and it can easily be included in the bedroom, living room or in the guest room. To make something like this you need some small fabric drape, a staple gun, strong glue and cuttingine and measuring tape. You’ll have to basically paint the ottoman.

In case your sister’s home is small and you don’t have much space inside the home, a nice solution is to put the entryway to good use. Your entryway can become the new showstopper of this living space and you can use pretty much anything for the project. Decorate the ottoman in a funky way and draw attention to the staircase of the house.

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