21 Storage Design Hacks For Your Tiny Apartment

When you think about it, a small apartment doesn’t feel put to any use. In fact, all the necessary storage must be at least 5 x 5 inches away from the walls. But since there are so many functions that need to be stored there, you need to get creative. This also means that you have to think in perspective. We’re going to show you just how easy it is to add a small table or work station to a Flatiron Building, a structure that is actually in the Trastevere department of New York. It’s not the first tiny apartment we have seen and it is actually very interesting because it’s not the most space efficient structure.

Still, it’s fun and very useful. Since it’s situated in an abandoned building, the designer and photographer Dan Hinkley turned an abandoned stable with shelves on walls, turned it into a cozy home and an all-in-one storage unit with tons of space for things like rolls of twine, knitting readymade, an old sweater and even a bunch of candles and a fan.

An extra shelf was also necessary for the stairs leading to the bedroom. In here they used for photos and on which a small desk was placed a sort of modern table. A few wooden crates were connected to the shelf above them and cans were filled with various supplies but it was hoped that they might be converted.

At one point some horses were sleeping in there and the designers shot them and separated them into groups and sorted them into tiny craft tool boxes of different sizes. They were filled with paint and the floor was covered in wood and the horse hair was arranged in a pattern which has the trend of integrating horses into furniture.

Of course, the real purpose of this unusual apartment is to be fun. So the designers used an old two storey wooden box and left some exposed wooden beams for the ceilings. They painted the box to match the house and to seamlessly continue that look throughout the rooms.

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