50 Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas

When we choose an apartment it’s very difficult to make a plan. You either love something you like for a long time or you get bored with it and try to replace it. It’s simple and it’s a waste of time. Let’s take a look at some lovely studio apartment spaces featuring minimalist decors.

Working space with double height staircase.

If you have a double-height staircase you can save space and get one with a double height that allows you to use the stairs. In this case, for example, you can replace the treads with handrails. If you have a single bed, a nice idea would be to have two beds placed one on each side of the staircase. This way you save space and you can easily use both sides.

Functionality with handrails.

Since the staircase is a part of your workspace, you might as well use it for something else. For example, the space could serve as a bedroom or living area. In this case, an ingenious solution had to be found. So a pair of stairs would solve the problem perfectly. You can still squeeze in another bed or a desk in the living area if you want to.

Functional desk in a home office.

Use the stairs to access the desk above your bed. You can turn this space into a guest bedroom or a workspace for your computer and you can even turn it into a home office whenever guests come to come to visit. But your home office wouldn’t be complete without a versatile work station and it can also be the new relaxing space where you can work without you having to disturb the others. You can use the same design for the desks too.

White desk.

This white desk looks very good in the bedroom. It gives a sense of crispness and lightness to the room and it’s a great idea for modern and contemporary interiors. The best part is that the desk is optional in terms of wall-mounted desks.

Luxury desk.

Usually, in luxury office spaces, all you need is a simple desk and some decorations and accessories such as maybe an ornate chair or, as shown here, a few pillows. This is an all-in-one piece of furniture that everyone loves.

Swedish design.

The versatility of this desk allows it to be placed just about anywhere, the living room or the office. The clean lines and the Nordic simplicity make it highly versatile and perfect for any kind of space. Its simple design makes it highly functional and also the simplicity makes it elegant. The desk is available in plain white lacquered 19 k gold finish.

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