50 Smart Space Saving Ideas For Tiny Living

If you don’t have a lot of space to spare, you should find a clever way of storing it. Sometimes we don’t even realize it but we have to choose a type of space, one that will perfectly meet our needs and allows us to be as comfortable as possible. Small apartments are even more inconvenient than big spaces. There’s really not much you can change in there even if you spend a lot of money.

A space-saving bed, nightstand or closet is a great idea. But to better integrate the bed into the décor, you can opt for closed doors or for some sort of built-in furniture. It’s a great option for small bedrooms. And since the space in general is so small, finding a solution that completely changes the whole aspect of the room is often a challenge.

But here’s the another ingenious idea. Whenever you would like the room to look more spacious, simply put a rolling drawer under the bed to hide it. It’s perfect since you can roll there when you want to take a nap or when you just want to feel comfortable.

Rolling beds have been a thing for quite some time but the problem was too simple. And this is now a modern invention. The solution is very simple. Just use the bed slanted piece of furniture. You’ll have to tuck underneath the bed and then tuck the mattress under it. The mattress will automatically stay rolled up and the problem is solved. You’ll have to tuck the mattress under the bed a few times a year, maybe in the winter, because of the summer heat.

The idea is pretty much the same one you see all over the world. This is a system that solves the problem of space, functionality and environment without interfering with the aesthetics of them. We say it is simple to use and easy to use. One wheel can be mounted on the wall and convert it into a bed for two. The only thing that requires specific attention is that this system needs to be mounted on the wall, maybe with some shelves and not having anything suspended underneath.

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