50 Tiny Apartment Storage And Shelving Ideas That Work For Everyone!

When it comes to small apartment living, more of our resources are being taken out of the more confined areas of our home. Due to the increased space required in the first place, we often tend to make a list of essential functions a home needs to accommodate necessities. This could range from a basic living room set down to a basic couch and coffee table set. In this article, we’re going to take a look at 44 color combinations that work for all kinds of apartments, regardless of size, as well as styles and structural demands.

Mid-Century Modern Apartment

We’ve all heard the columns of mid-century modern homes, which really set a quasi-Mediterranean vibe, especially as a basic living space. Although not as common, this home by The Design Factory located in Toronto feels like a genuine Mediterranean oasis with furniture and decor based on the sensibilities of those big old cities. Red Neutrals, olive greens and beige accents are the perfect balance to add warmth and elegance to an otherwise austere space.

Eclectic Parisian Apartment

Those not necessarily familiar with the brand Cosmopolitan can learn the hard lessons about Parisian interior design right from the darkened, gothic tiled rooms. The color and decor in this space reek of eclectic wants and have a Parisian flavor. The living room is a prime example of the tone-on-tone technique, a go-to strategy for apartments.

The living area is open and comfortable, which level easily mixes patterns and textures without resorting to over-the-top embellishments. The decor of this elegant sitting room is a mixture of neutrals and contemporary elements.

Vera Smith Home In Texas

In Texas, you can find some Vera Smith furniture, but you can also buy basic pieces like chairs and sofas. Because the art and furnishings are by the designer, there’s a certain serenity that comes with mixing products and a vibe that’s very in-style with the vibe of the home that’s being built.

The open living room below is heightened by the use of brass coffee tables that are topped with a standard sized and smaller glass coffee table. A piece like this is perfect for a space that has a mid-century classic styling in the background.

Farmhouse Style Apartment

Open floor plans are very common in renovations at many venues, which is why we’ve rounded up this few picturesque escapes that illustrate a beautiful farmhouse style, perfect for renters looking for place to relax in the cold autumn months. These distressed wood coffee tables are a good example of what a modern space can look like with a farmhouse style throw.

Victorian Style

If your mid-century modern home is newly constructed, you might as well get some vintage pieces, like this cabinet from Johnston Street Art in Virginia, which features a distressed, arrow motif. The interior is a little modern but very cozy, which is always a good thing to decorate with mid-century elements.

Today at Coffee Art

Another great way to add a unique feel to a room is to add family photos. We’re in love with this Coffee Art photo like many others, but only because it features family photos that are typical of the period. Of course, we also love the overall concept of a photo gallery, which is fun to make up.

What’s so great about mid-century modern furniture is that you don’t necessarily need to choose one to become a statement piece in your home. Adding mid-century modern pieces to a room creates a huge difference in the style as well as texture.

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