A Super Space Saving Solution For Small Apartments

As we everywhere know, in a small apartment there’s not much space to spare. So what to do with this space? First of all, it would be a great place where you could park the car. And if you really need some more space, maybe it could be useful to turn it into a storage area. That space could be used for something else. In the case of a small apartment, turning the interior into storage space is a simple and clever way to do it.

This apartment can be found in Hanoi, Vietnam and it serves as an apartment. In 2016 it was remodeled by Le Studio. The main reason why it was a great change is the simplicity of the interior décor and the very nice style. The apartment has a total surface of 125 square meters organized on several different levels. The shape offers a series of layered spaces and they range in terms of structure and color. The stairs, for example, feature geometric-shaped cut-outs on them. In total there are plastered walls and colored panels on the walls as well as a series of doors and windows. The kitchen is a mixed compartmentalized space with functional shelves, drawers and lots of other useful items. It offers storage for vegetables, blankets, utensils and even has a separate corner for the bed.

The user can also turn the sleeping area into a lounge space. There’s a very cozy and comfortable nook with long curtains, small pillows and a waste basket. The kitchen is adjacent to the laundry room and they’re both separated by a narrow passage. The hallway offers access to the lofted bedroom with a mattress on top. The bathroom is bohemian and has colorful accessories and a shower with colorful tiles.

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