Clever Storage Ideas For A Small Apartment

If you are looking for clever storage solutions for a small apartment then there are a number of ideas you could analyze.

Open Shelves.

These open shelves installed on the walls of your small apartment can be used as storage areas. For instance, small bedrooms can use them to store bedside products.

Glass Doorknobs.

These glass walls are perfect for tiny apartments. With their simple design they provided the perfect environment for displaying books.

Zero Space Nodes.

Although tiny homes often include platforms that can be transformed into terraces or other features, a large one should be enough to let you enjoy a lovely outdoor dining experience. To make it even cozier, maybe give an old window a makeover and make the glass stand out in some way.

Wall Shelves.

You can make the shelves yourself using a portion of the wall above them, like a rod. Most kids don’t have rods, but if you play with funny shapes they’ll make perfect toy terrariums.

Tired of the same old closets? Make your own!

The bed, headboard and closet closet can all be used in the same way. Just put up one or two on the wall, maybe have them wall-mounted and have fun creating your own!

Have fun fun (weather, clothes, accessories) with all your projects!

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