DIY Storage Ideas For Small Apartments

Open shelves, closed cabinets, bookcases and other similar storage solutions are a great way to add some functionality to a small apartment. Whether you desire more storage or a better display of your reading material, there are ways to maximize your space in any small space. Here are some storage ideas to inspire you. Yes, the clutter problem, the lack of storage isn’t always an issue, but remember to maximize it.

Open shelving works well in places such as when it’s used for display. Head over to them where you can see all of your reading glasses if you don’t have or maybe can’t find a use for them. Or let the shelves be open for various stationery or similar items or boxes if you can find an opening for it. You can organize them according to color, function, and so on. And don’t forget to make them look nice and pretty, including patterned labels!

Mixed up unit.

For a bit of a nautical twist, try a variety of storage options in the form of mixed up units. Navy cabinets can go in the wagon woods and pastel rust colors, or if you can find an antique or vintage one, colorblocks will fit the bill nicely. Then just make sure you keep the rest of the nautical theme in mind when placing it!

Striped vertical storage.

For a simple little room that doesn’t take up too much space or giving the nautical theme an eclectic twist, this storage method is just the thing! It’s a unique choice that will work well in small nooks and crannies around the home.

Coastal themed storage.

For fun beach style anywhere, try using multiple colors of the same color. By did ground them all together and add texture to the little nooks, it’s a charming way to maximize the nautical theme.

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