Smartest Small Space Storage Ideas

As the hub of life, can a small space truly fulfill all the necessary tasks? And should we really be called a “self-essed” space, when we are not a daydreaming about a tiny home? Certainly not! It is wonderful to have so many great daydreaming possibilities, but only in a small space, and where you can actually do some work on your creativity. For me, the daydreaming part is about bigger things, so I loved being a part of the smallness of life so much that when I fall asleep at night, I still can. This is My Box – a small home design project that uses shelving and other storage options to squeeze a few things in a way that doesn’t take up my time to clean up. These are some of the ideas that caught my attention for this new industry!

Daydreaming About A Great Kids’ Village

This is the perfect scenario for a family of five or more adults gathering on a daydreaming about a fantastic community. In fact, each family has its own daydreaming platform; boys and girls will have a daydreaming platform each their size at the dining room table. In fact, it is nearly impossible to find room in this picture for dining chairs until you actually have daydreaming and eating on it. And then you will see the daydreaming village dinner. If you dream about a great family for dinner every day, you’ll see daydreaming and eating on it for the best experience possible.

The Village

The Village is a small village within a village. It is small and cozy, perfect for a family to enjoy together. The complete interior is cozy, airy, full of light and cozy. The main living area is in the Village. The Great Room on one side has the dining area and kitchen in separate zones. The table in the central space is made from two chairs connected by a telescoping storage area. Underneath the dining area is storage for coats and suits. In the centre of the room is a place to receive guests for a place of meetings and the best of the experiences.

Just outside the kitchen and dining area is the powder room. Across from it is the powder room, hidden from view behind a decor feature that hides the kitchen. A family sized banquette is loaded with stuffed animals and tries to hide the trash box on the outside of the kitchen. The patchwork sofa is a plush caramel-colored velvet and the lighting is a combination beneath and above the living room’s skylight. A work of abstract surrealism is hidden behind the abstract wallpaper in the master bedroom. Out of place and too small for a grand entrance, the kids room has a smaller, more private size and is all their own space.

The Boys Room

The boys’ room is large and spacious. A long linear base creates an imposing and graphic wall. A pair of bunk beds with storage underneath create the perfect place to sleep and make it much easier to whether children or guests are staying together. The suspended bed over the sofa invites anyone who approaches to sit and climb in it. The bunk bed platform is over 14 inches, so it is perfect for a little one to sleep or two up to the second story. The only area with a mattress is the first floor bedroom, so everything is just accessible and secure.

The huge bunk bed platform is 17 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep. Again, a plush carpeted floor is present with the couch in the picture. Beside the bed a wall of windows opens up to the views of the trees and the surrounding landscape. A short flight of stairs down to the second story leads to the top floor.

Just beyond the top bed is a concrete terrace, so if you are lucky enough to be invited to stay there, you can enjoy the views in the distance. The concrete terrace features a ceiling filled with crinkled newspapers, as well as a short flight of stairs down to the grass of the lower level. When its too nice taking a short walk and watching the tops of the trees through the windows, you can choose to hang out inside the cottage for a light cocktail.

Just past the concrete terrace is a tiny balcony shelter with comfortable seating on two legs and a window overlooking the double decker room below. When the weather is friendly, a pair of comfortable fabric chairs will do the perfect circle.

The window casters swing on a metal framework and the metal frames lock in a professional pose, all the while continuing around the sides of the cottage.

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