Trendy Sophisticated Contemporary Homes With Elegant Designs

The Nordic style occupies much of what has remained unassumingly simple and plain these days, with most buildings blending two key aspects into one. The style is often associated with simple, clean, contemporary homes but it can of course be interesting and very stylish too. As always, we’re interested in a few cool projects that exemplify this very idea, each with its own unique characteristics.

Elegant And Cozy Home Desain Ideas

This stunning home in Espoo, Finland is focused around a terrace and is slanted at both horizontal and vertical orientation. It was designed by Fauna Architecten and features a timber frame and seamless flooring. At the same time, the terrace floor is in turn cozy and warm and also features a built-in ledge from which a gorgeous artificial flower has been planted.

Architecture studio OKHA completedhot in Brasilia, Brazil a wonderful project back in 2015. They were asked to focus for a sustainable project which involved handling and on-site recycling an amount of materials with the goal to balance on the site imperatives such as reducing water and energy consumption and cutting back on green building efforts. H3 Architects made this proposal especially intended to ensure that the building was able to withstand the harsh tropical weather conditions.

Beautiful Modern Spanish House With Courtyards And Pool

Located in Horinouchi, A Coruña, Spain, this is a project completed by y Castro Vízilius in 2012. The basic structure is shaped by a ramp divided into four sections which together with a concrete roof give the house a sculptural and perfectly balanced look. The division comes in order to create a high ceiling and to allow the interior spaces to be bright and airy.

There are many different noticeable aspects here, starting out just the fact that this staircase was built as a combo of a series of concrete and corrugated metal roads. Then, in 2013, the team at C3.Design team created a concrete staircase which sweeps down behind the large and perfectly defined tree, reaching up at a very convenient height. Although the staircase is made of two parts, it’s used structurally by the main house. The one in raised at an angle gives the kids inside the house a space-efficient slide. This is also a means of integrating informal areas into the living spaces. This is a project completed by studio mk27.

Stylish Semi-Detached Homes In Valencia Promise Contemporary Luxury

This is a fairly similar creation, however C3.Design team aimed to keep the main structure unchanged. This is how it looks like before you’re able to see it. The concrete staircase seems to become one with the exterior, standing by the wooden roof. The simple, rectangular shape and minimal design give it a nicely-balanced character.

Another impressive structure designed to be built on a large and flat site is the Forest Park House located on San Juan Island in Washington. The site was originally part of a 1940s modern era home that was renovated in the late 1960’s. The architect who designed it was Tom Fereday, who also used concrete for most of the interior spaces.

Stylish Semi-Detached Homes In Valencia Promise Contemporary Luxury

The new house designed by Archi-Union Design Architects is very interesting for its angle at the point of its elevators. It gets about 1200 square feet’ high, the same as the neighboring loft. With a small footprint this magnificent mountain retreat retreat manages to have a strong indoor-outdoor presence, featuring large sliding doors and access to both inside and outside spaces.

When designing Hither Hills House, Studio 30 used a creative approach to set the tone for the interior. They gave the residence a floor plan that follows the general lines of the guidelines made by Local Projects and Contrast Design Group. The polished concrete floors and sloped ceilings create a wonderful indoor-outdoor blend and inviting the guests to feel right at home.

Trendy Sophisticated Contemporary Homes With Breezy Modern Elegance

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact style this house embraces but instead of trying to define it through looks it incorporates multiple styles and takes in several references from different areas of the country. The elaborate gardens that envelop the house’s inhabitants, for example, include a huge tree-like pavilion placed on the deck and yards.

Modern House Plans & Contemporary Style Home Blueprints

The Marble Falls area home is a project by McCurdy Architects and the thing everyicionados must see inside is the exterior. This is a double-height extension done with a distinct contemporary facade inspired by the local architecture. Concrete, concrete and wood create a minimalistic but sculptural facade. The minimalist column allows for a grand indoor-outdoor connection between this extension and the outdoor living spaces located down below.

Casa Finestrat: Contemporary Spanish Home With Chic Mediterranean Charm

Another defining element for the house is the large skylight which brings in light without compromising privacy. It also adds a refined and elegant element to the design. The designers used marble instead of harsh, cold material to give the facade a look that has a bit of a sophisticated and sleek side.

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