Unique Luxury Apartment in Stockholm

It is the biggest city in Sweden, located in the calm heart of the Lake St. John’s. This apartment is filled with charming details, an exquisite mixture of whiteness, stone and wood. Though the entire furniture is made of dark slate, and the walls and floors are all enhanced by the presence of the ceiling made of dark tile. In one of the rooms there is a cosmopolitan cuisine, with the living room and kitchen decorated by chilled cream with a lotus and flowers, and the dining area is by the pool, to which the living room is equipped. The bedroom is an example of elegance and joins very well with the rest of the apartment.

The Most Expensive Apartment In Stockholm

The stairs up to the bedroom designed by the designers, with a lotus and flowers in green, is an example of elegance in combination with pale- pink walls. The rest of the décor, the bedroom design, do not follow the same lines, with a ceiling low, in the same neutral tones. The dining area and the kitchen do not interfere with the elegant atmosphere, but still keep the same design, through the decorative objects that are placed in the kitchen, the so called dishes collection.

The bedroom that is part of the house, it is simple and cool decorated, with black and white furniture and some modern objects on the walls. In the night leisure area, the views are spectacular, that is why the big relaxing bathtub is perfect for all the guests. The bedrooms are not full of light, as they are equipped with shower walls and gauzy walls. The second bedroom is very simple, but the beds are great, to please all the five senses. In the next moment we are attracted by the attractive figure of this Scandinavian apartment that was designed by Septembre.

Attractive Loft Apartment With Classic Details In Stockholm

Luxury Apartments For Sale In Stockholm, Sweden

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