Villa Topoject by AND

The Korean architecture firm, AND, has designed the Villa Topoject in Xiuning, Heat Shehu, China. The eighboring structure’s sumptuous exterior is made predominantly of reflective silvered glass. The entire house’s reflective quality is harnessed through its shading, the Measures, and the overall appearance of the shading. The house is driven by its surrounding landscape and its own unique architectural aesthetic, all placed on the periphery of a more cultural and academic landscape. The bulk of the site and much of the surrounding scenery is sheltered under this sort of roof, where small concerts and other memorable pastimes can take place. Since the house sits low in the mountain slope, it too has its own unique architectural and aesthetic quality, self-situated by an occupant on top of the building. It is a self-returnivating monolith, organically transitioning from a barracks structure to an elegant, sophisticated couple’s home. The grey-white colour schemes and sense of space is enhanced by the fragile textures of the materials, their patterns deliciously blurred by the interplay of colour. The entire home is organized around a central communal space which – in hot, sunny weather – overlooks the surrounding mountains, the unspoiled vegetation which isharveying the outer landscape and a neighbouring plot. All this landscaped order and quiet is contained within this singular private residence, a sophisticated interpretation of the extremely human connection that the hands-on nature conjures up.

Villa Topoject

As if a human and his equivalent were melted as a rock, literally nestled inside this vertical realm, the project engenders a thoughtful, playful, and at the same time precious choice of material – indeed a thoughtful choice of garden to capture the tale of the pleasures of the winter, but also delicately dappled with the condition of a habitable space in the spring, a lifestyle that is both progressive and innovative on the earth island island and beyond.

Villa Topoject Plan

Perhaps the building’s most distinctive characteristics are the fact that it is all neatly laid out to fit together within the tight confines of its crowded compound, a concept that might lead some to doubt that a truly small building can coexist with such a spacious and exquisite open space. This openness is reinforced through in the design of the unusual architectural layout and interior finishes. Here, the precise exteriors of the building rise up as two boxed walls, one stacked above the other and seemingly interlocking volumes, their robust silhouettes quasi-textural given the name of the building. The exterior finishes are splashed over from floor to ceiling, providing a jolt of light and a stark contrast to the rushing shadows which douse its interiors. Part of the home and enclosed in the large expanses of glazing, the monolithic form offers a facade of uninterrupted panoramas. Propped up against this wall and along its hefty back, a long skylight studies the exterior and the yard with a dynamic reflection of light and shadow.

Villa Topoject By AND Site Plan

Up ahead on the level above, you’ll find the kitchen and living areas. Here, white walls and furniture dominate. The only visual clutter is in the kitchen cabinets and in the tall, hinged ceiling. Rounded corners define the dining chairs, who blend nicely with the creamy upholstered dining chairs of the living room. Combined with the minimalist lighting fixture of a strip of blue glass pendant further, the room feels refreshing and airy, creating a nice effect on the kitchen’s white palette.

The combination of stark contrasts and interesting color effects on the kitchen walls creates an exciting atmosphere, ripe for the eyes.

Villa Topoject Exterior

By mixing the colors, the architect managed to create a complex mixture to take advantage of the light and the shadows that cast across the white walls.

The home’s balance is established, accompanied by the dining room, which is populated by a tree motif, accented with its fresh greens and its black leathery chairs.

Villa Topoject By AND Interior

The lighting follows the modern lines of the house’s exterior, with a slightly arched ceiling and a smooth marble fireplace built around a contemporary wood burning stove. Enjoy a fire that becomes part of your home, and have fun enjoying the outdoors.

Though small inside, the inside of the home is very welcoming, incorporating warm wood walls, polished floors, and black shelving taking full advantage of the stunning natural light.

Sleek white walls and built-ins are contrasted with a black lined coffee bar on its glass face, a great modern spot to exist harmoniously.

The minimalist kitchen remains a continuation of the living room – a clean, classy way to create a balance between luxury and fashionable modern.

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