What You Need To Know About Gables To Build Your Own Patio Curtain Covers For Your Home

Gables are one of the most common and popular structures to include in a home. They are usually wrapped in wood like a ribcord around the chimney and other windows and doors. There’s also a great opportunity to have a gate to connect them to their surroundings. One can use a gable as a primary structure and add more smaller variations to their landscape.

Gabled Patio Cover With Custom Lighting In Mckinney

If you want to add a bit more privacy to your patio, a privacy gable may be exactly what you need. You may also want to add some lining fabric to some of the other parts of the house if you’re installing the gable first.

If you want to give your patio a more substantial look for Valentine’s Day, consider glazed posts, chimneys and vaulted structures. And if you’re looking for how to decorate your outdoor spaces with a bit of red, a grill and lush plants, why not hang a glowing wreath in a color scheme of red and white as shown on Lowes.

Open Gable Patio Designs

And if you’re looking for how to spruce up the backyard, why not hang a few red decorative pieces from a pole, window sills and shrubs as shown on Curbedies. These will add a pop of color and tradition to your outdoor spaces.

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