Custom Patio And Deck

What better name to describe this house than ‘enveloped living’. Bathed in crisp white lush green lush grounds this home was gave a cheerful upgrade in light white tone. Designed by Diego Rodriguez Studio the home’s original bland appearance from the one-story building was ruined by the passage of time. The sunlight pouring in through the narrow windows is what was left as it was, and when the sunlight hits the back cut out from the roof was what added lost habitat. It opened the house up entirely to the great outdoors and the vistas taken from Estilo de Arquitectura’s chic and stylish balcony.

The original bluestone house was updated to a more restrained version, with bright white pitched roofs and a minimal footprint. The updated aesthetic has also been simplified to a more understated yellow finish within the living room seating, kitchen cabinets and bathroom. A spacious deck with an outdoor kitchen follows the classic line extending all the way back through an inclined plane.

Various rugs with geometric pattern and bold zigzags have been used throughout the house, all in a simplified geometric manner. The roof deck extends all the way down to the base of the stairs to create a nice outdoor dining area. The modern ‘retro’ look of the kitchen also adds a modern twist to an already sleek and minimal design. The spacious deck is accessible from underneath the house, on the main level. The long line of sliding glass doors offers an abundant source of sunlight and nice views while the bright red brick wall in the foreground sets the tone for the mid-century modern décor in the home. The deck area is both a deck and a sitting area.

The retro modern interior design style is continued through to the bar and the paintings on the wall and the seating. The seating area is simply relaxing on its own with a side of 100 chairs and a swiveling TV top. The easy chair comes in two different colour options – a milk colour, which signifies a Wellness Spa colour, or one that would normally only say green and blue.

The front of the house is to the TDF home computer detecting multi-dimensional applications including 3D printing. The house is then equipped with a Gypcrete kitchen and white mortar floor. The home to the family was built to the highest ethical standards and is therefore both energy efficient, environmentally friendly and insulated.”

Photos courtesy of Min2architectes

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