Gabled Patio Cover With Custom Lighting In Mckinney

One of my particularities in design is the correspondence between features and elements of a place. Wherever you fit a contemporary sofa in your living space, or where sofas along a patio in a garden, there should be at least one comfortable design piece of furniture that inspires sensibility and relaxed style.

Details have an important importance in any design, if it is not to be doubt inspired by an opulent and luxurious environment.What better material for making sophisticated combinations of sofas, sofas, armchairs, couches, sofas preferred, so that people in different living rooms can co-exist and be in perfect harmony? Where and how you choose to place sofas and couches is completely up to you.

Before, I have to mention ” what it means to use a sofa on my patio, because all of them have the same thing in common: comfort, love, and I could say personality. With this revelation I did some research and decided to create a patio covering around two semi-open courtyards, a house, and a car. Of course, i wanted to use it for its original intended purpose, so i think this is an great design idea.

To understand what I was driving home i talked with a contractor (he is my mother-in-law) who is able to understand my ideas and worries about how to make sure my plans are fulfilled. He told me: “When there is no party to control, control is the only constraint. The client does not control the situation and only ends up with complications”.

I admit to being a little pompous at this first sight, but the truth is I was inspired to work so hard to design a patio for my own house.”

This project was Nesbijl project with 1,600 residences built by Lautenbag Architecture for Nilufar-Härstrasse Municipality, in the canton of Mälaren which is in the canton of Mälaren-das, in Swan Valley, the county in northwestern Norway.

The main idea was to build a patio to form the exterior to the existing home and to be neutral and simple.

Living-bedroom and bathroom are on the same level, offering a neutral and warm atmosphere thanks to the evry Light wood used for the flooring and the tiled shower walls. The minimalism is carried through both places at different levels, in the form of perpendicular planes in each room.

The roof, the short side, is built with wooden slats which are fastened to common beams that cross the entire project. Here, at the end of the slab through which the sun, the untreated wood bathes the space, it creates a faint and warm respite when entering the home.

The 1st floor is made of concrete, which warms and fills the space through the contrast between the diagonals and the light. Here, the window is hidden with a system of louvers that allows a view to the garden, adding a special touch to the project. All these elements take over the structure of the ceiling and the basic structure of the ceiling.

The only possible light bulb is a small rectangular column at the end of the living room, in the form of a translucid ball. This adapts the light to the surrounding space and lights up all the areas. LED lights integrated into the ceiling enhance the space in a nice way.

The whole project was completed in 2008. A beautiful house that took great care of all the aspects. It is both beautiful and employions. The end product and the positive aspect are very optimistic and fortunate.

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