How To Build A Covered Patio Attached To House

If you have a large garden, why not use it for short period of time? This project is an answer to this question and can help you easily use your outdoor space for short period of time.- This industrial building can be built easily if the materials and finish can be as simple as wood, brick or steel. A former fire escape will definitely become a point of focus for the design team.

The designer who designed this space was driven by the client’s desire to create a pleasant, raw space while at the same time creating a friendly atmosphere. Thus, the exposed steel structure gives the former fire escape an authentic look.

Thus, with the concrete pavements and floor slabs the designers managed to create a vertical division in the former gathering spaces. This happened by using cement to form the wall, and wooden pallets to partition the sitting and dining rooms from the kitchen. By doing this, the designers obtain the feeling of liquid privacy.

In the dining rooms, the designers followed this “solid” pattern and created a table made of four pieces of 23mm birwood. In the same space, they kept the same intention, and made a bench made from 10mm birwood. Both these materials were refined when combined, and remain refined in all their projects. Thanks to the ease of storage problem, the crates and boxes are perfect for both storing and storing small items, as they depend on the three walls that are open.{found on archdaily}.

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