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The T-shaped House in the Woods of the Chilean coast is the result of the client’s choice for a dream house: a minimalist design that would maximize the site, and its orientation to the sea, the views and to the park across the site.

Designed by Vanguardo Arquitectos, the residence is located in Torre de la Gaviotas, a small city in the province of Van Causas, Antioquia, in Chile. The triangular shape of the lot eventually determined precisely how major modifications could be made to the house, as a drastic change to the main structure was required. The main residence now opens up towards the evening, where the terrace and its patio are integrated.

The main entrance is placed on the ground floor, where the potential clients could spend their open day meals with family or friends, or in another informal situation with four people that could work from home all day long.

The patio was also moved into a new pavilion, complete with a swimming pool, and each room received its own personality. The master bedroom was designed with a panoramic view of the forest, with the Riviera Casa looking out onto the beach and the Riviera Casa looking out on the ocean. The suite was focused on the afternoon sun, while the kitchen was resolved with wide views of the forest, which makes the kitchen a fully integrated space for the family social area.

Two other volumes were resolved opposite to the main house. On the second floor, in addition to spaces for the social area, was placed a master bedroom, with closed front doors, which gives the impression that it is private, while the bathrooms and common room were opened directly to the garden.

The last floor houses the intimate part of the home, where all the rooms were designed and situated.

The lighting design of the houses were all designed by CIMM. They include LED lights spread throughout the project, which serve to create a warm and festive ambiance at nightfall.

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