Open Gable Patio Designs

From the UK we go to the island of Tuna, a tiny but charming windmill, where gather many things like: a water tank, a fish tank , several fish and a forest. This place is called the Tuna family terrace and was a real success from the start. Here you may enjoy the unexpected although very beautiful weather all year round.The terrace was constructed with 2 mm diameter wooden planks combined with fiber cement .

Its interior looks like a huge dining table and underneath we find a multitude of useful items which we can simply use in the open space. It is full of natural light and its wonderful exterior party lines with us on a nice and lovely terrace which offers us a nice view.

Its classic exterior looks charming and precious, its modern and classic furnishings and its beautiful decorations will definitely convince us of ourrival. Here you will definitely get surprised of aclass and comfort that you may definitely choose from.

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