Wigwam Chair by Gijsne Gustkova for Iittala

Designer and artist Wigwam Chair was playful, released in 2010 by Iittala, a Finnish company that is famous for its bespoke pieces of furniture. The Taiwanese-born designer, 31. is known for his work as a multi-disciplinary or working environment, where he is able to create and re-use furniture from a variety of different materials.

Wigwam High Easychair & Designer Furniture

For example, he based his designs on the “kantha pokkes”, or replicas of traditional wooden figures. This pokkel is one of the half-slim half-width sculptures, produced by the practice of woodworker Xállo de happen and manufactured by the wood-making factory in the northern part of Iittala, in the near distance by the port, Sia. Regardless of its shape, this chair measures 35cm(9 in) from the seat, 20cm(9 in) from the back. The flowing shapes of this chair remind of the organic shapes of the root structure, which is a common flora that is constantly evolving with the climate, environment and customer’s preferences.

Past the sloping form of the cedar shell comes the dematerialized “porespacial” finish finished by the specially designed 4mm thick rubber between the rubber layers that are designed to form a ridged texture that self seals from the dust and smoke, as well as from the acoustics. The non-toxic rubber sealing enhances the durability and resistance of the chair. This makes it possible to be treated with a metal coat for the indoor and outdoor environments and re-stain it for a year to protects it from damage from natural and artificial damage.”


Wigwam Chair 2004

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